Samsung MV800 Camera


Most cameras that are available in the market today offer the same features. By feature, I am talking about accessories that are attached to the camera. When talking about the camera, we usually talk about megapixels and the screen or resolution and also the memory that it supports. But the Samsung MV800 Camera has something new to offer that will leave you quite amazed. It has an amazing feature that no other camera has. It has a 3.0 inch touchscreen that can be flipped up by an angle of 180 degrees. This feature can make the self shot images look really nice.

Samsung MV800 CameraSamsung MV800 Camera


The above image speaks for itself. One more interesting thing about this camera is it uses Micro SD instead of SD. That is not available in other cameras. Some other specs of this camera are the following:

  • 16.1 Megapixels CCD Sensor
  • 5X optical zoom
  • Innovative Flip up screen
  • 720p Video recording with H.264 Format and HDMI
  • 10 MB internal memory
  • 3D Format

It also has a built in software that allows us to re-touch photos and an interesting feature is the in-camera cropping, i.e you can crop images in the the camera itself.

Price: $280$

Go get your Samsung MV800 camera today!

About Steve Robbins:
Steve Robbins is a self professed geek loves all Tech. He was the former chief writer and editor for TechBugs.

Steve Robbins is a self professed geek loves all Tech. He was the former chief writer and editor for TechBugs.

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17 Responses to Samsung MV800 Camera

  1. ashish says:

    Vow man,This is really cool stuff man.It’s going to take camera design’s to a new level

  2. ashish says:

    Not only the flap is innovative but all other accessories are also really nice 🙂

  3. mannat says:

    Amazing feature of flipping the screen by 180 degree,really cool man.Nice article buddy.

  4. Ankit says:

    Well this is flipping stuff is something really new and amazing and also the other features of this camera are really attractive.

  5. Abhishek says:

    Thanks for your opinion buddy 🙂

  6. Ankit says:

    Well this will surely make Samsung a real big profit.

  7. mannat says:

    Well it’s a nice camera with a good price.

  8. Aman Arora says:

    Really cool camera in that price bro, I might consider buying it someday soon 🙂

  9. chander says:

    really cool and trendy camera..

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