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This is my second article on Techbugs. I thought of writing an article about a technique that I have always loved and I am sure you all will love as well. I call this technique unique because it is. In this article, I will show you how you can create a file folder locker of your own by just using a simple script. Now, each and every one of you might wonder why we would use your script for creating a locker when we can simply download a folder lock? But the thing is, what if someone sees your folder lock like your parents or a family member and then ask you for the password. You will be in big trouble because you will have to tell them the password especially if you have some adult content hidden. So what is the solution for this problem? Well, I have the perfect solution for this. All you have to do is follow the steps below.

1. First download this script:


2. Now that you have downloaded the script file “lock script.txt,”  it should look something like this:

3. Now, all you have to do is to save this file as a .bat extension, i.e. a batch file. Now this is the real important part. When you rename this file, choose a very complex name or  a name that would represent a simple Windows file  like ein.bat or system32.bat or something that would look like a normal window file. iIt depends on your innovative mind, for ex., in this image:

I am saving this text file as game.bat as no on will ever doubt about a simple file as being a folder lock. It would seem like a simple game file and nothing else.

4. After you save this file, you will have a .bat file in your folder or place where you have selected it to save. Then, open the batch file by double clicking on it and then it will show you a window like this:

It asks you to lock the folder, then press “y” and click enter, then it will close. Then open the .bat file again and when you open it, it will ask you for the password.

Enter a password and click enter then a window will close again. Then when you open the .bat file, it will ask you if you want to lock the folder and then press “y” and hit enter. Now your folder is safely locked. You can open your locker by simply opening the batch file and then it will ask you for a password, type the password and the a folder named LOCKER will appear.

To close the locker, simply double click the .bat file and again it will ask if you want to lock the folder. Simply press “y” and you are done.

Important note: there is a drawback attached with this script. This locker will open even when you enter any thing as password. But at least, you can wisely use this script so that no one will ever know about the locker and I give you my word that this is a unique script and I have been using it a long time now time and it’s great. Even if it accepts any thing as a password, if used wisely, this file folder locker is very useful.


About Steve Robbins:
Steve Robbins is a self professed geek loves all Tech. He was the former chief writer and editor for TechBugs.

Steve Robbins is a self professed geek loves all Tech. He was the former chief writer and editor for TechBugs.

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  1. Aman Arora @ The Tech Addicts says:

    Nice article bro, gonna surely help someone in securing his/her personal files. And by personal you know what I mean hehehehe

  2. chander prakash says:

    thanks bro your articles are really helpfull….keep this good work up for us ..thanks hehe

  3. Dev B Hardwaj says:

    good work
    keep it up

  4. ankit gairola says:

    nice folder lock..i will surely use it..

  5. mannat says:

    I needed something like this..thankxxx:)

  6. ashish chauhan says:

    vow,folder lock with use of a simple code..great share buddy:)

  7. Abhishek says:

    Great work :-). I told you it depends on how wisely you use it..

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