Top Affordable Brands of Washing Machine in the Philippines

Washing machines are one of the most valuable home appliances households have.  It is one’s saving grace for housewives.  As the demand for clean clothes and the unpredictable weather has gone to serious levels, the need for this kind of home appliance is also increasing.  However, with so many brands and models, the task of choosing the right washing machine is quite confusing.

washing machine

How to Choose the Right Washing Machine

Before you go on a window shopping spree, you need to consider several factors in order to choose the right product for your needs.

  1. Consider the size of your family; this will determine the capacity of the washing machine.  Thus, you have 4.5kg up to 12 kg models in the market.
  2. Consider other work load. Are you too busy to attend exclusively to washing? Thus, you have manual washer type only, twin tub manual (washer and spin dryer), and fully automatic washing machines to spend less time on monitoring the machine.
  3. Ask around for reliable brands and models. Whirlpool for example is known to be expensive but is tried and tested when it comes to washing machines.  Your friends might have other brands in mind which are just right for your pockets.

All of the above will determine how much you are willing to pay for a washing machine.

Popular Brands and Models

There are three kinds of washing machines in the market; manual washer type, the twin tub, and the fully auto.

  • Manual Washer Type
    • At 6kg capacity, the cheapest model is Camel SPK60 at approximately P3000, followed by Hyundai HWM065 at roughly P3200, and Union UGWM62 at P3450.
    • At 7kg capacity, Camel WMSTK72 leads in terms of affordability at P3300 followed by Hyundai HWM701S at P3900, and Fujidenso HWS780 at P3890.
    • At 8kg capacity of more, the choices are varied and the prices are somewhat close to each other.  For example, Fujidenso CWS980 has 9.8kg at P4800, Union UGWM90 has P4700 at 9kg, and Eurotek EWM85B has 9kg single tub at P5200.
  • Twin Tub Category (Washer and Spin Dryer)
    • Fujidenso JWA601 and American Home AHW60TP have less than P5000 models at 6kg capacity.
    • Panasonic NA606B, Whirlpool WWT605X, and Eurotek ETW608 have available models of the same capacity at a little over P6000.
    • At 7kg capacity, Fujidenso JWT701 is the cheapest at P5800, followed by Eurotek ETW701 at P7645 then, Whirlpool at P7900.
    • At more than 8kg, in this category, AMSTAR TWN809 is the most affordable at less than P7700, and then you have Hyundai HWM820 at P 7900.  At 9 kg, Whirlpool HWT1180 has the most rational price at P8500.

      Whirlpool HWT1180

      Whirlpool HWT1180

  • Fully Automatic Washing Machine
    • The most pocket friendly is Hyundai HFAW6000 at P10500 with 6kg capacity.
    • At 7kg capacity, Samsung surprisingly has the least expensive model WA90W9 at P14000.
    • In the 8kg capacity, Hyundai HFAW8000 is the most affordable at P12900. Best priced deal is Whirlpool WWA880, a top load fully automatic model at 8.8kg for only P18900.

Note that all prices are subject to changes and were cited in this article to give you a clearer idea on the price ranges of different washing machines in the market.  As an electronic consumer, you have to bear in mind that you need to determine if the brand you choose have authorized service centers near you so you can easily consult technicians when something goes wrong with the unit within the warranty period.

5 Indulging Reasons to Buy a 32” Sanyo Widescreen LED TV

Sanyo is a popular Japanese brand on consumer electronic appliances.  It has produced quality and affordable products ranging from home appliances to electronic gadgets.  One of their most popular product categories is television sets.  From the time that this product was still in cathode ray tubes up to the latest television innovation known as LED TV, the company is at par with other famous brands in terms of features and technologies attached and embedded on their TV’s.

One of their bestselling TV models is the 32″ Sanyo Widescreen LED TV that comes in different names depending on your location around the world.  It has an ebony finish that complements with your surrounding well when watching your favorite TV programs and DVDs under a good lighting condition.  Thus, it recreates a cinematic ambience inside your homes.  Apart from this, there are other indulging reasons why this TV is a must buy. Here are five of them:

32” Sanyo Widescreen LED TV,

  1. It is a 32 inch LED TV with 1366 x 768 pixel HD resolution. It simply means that your screen will not be stretching out extremely or downsized where you see black bars at the right and left side of your TV. You won’t be seeing annoying black spaces when watching High Definition (HD) digital channels.
  2. TV aspect ratio of 16:9 which is the most common aspect ratio among TV sets and is the accepted standard for Full HD and HDTV. And, it is also the widely used High Definition DVD format.  Thus, you get to see what is supposed to be seen when movies are converted into HD-DVDs.
  3. Wide viewing angle of 178 degree horizontal and vertical angles. You can still see a clear picture regardless of your viewing position, whether you are at the far end side of the room.  You can try this when you are still in buying mode. With the help of a sales assistant, turn on the displayed TV and stand beside it at an angle of 178 degrees to view the screen. You can still see crisp and clear images away from the screen at this angle.
  4. It has three (3) HDMI inputs that helps you connect compatible devices on your 32” Sanyo Widescreen LED TV to see uncompressed files and view superior audio-video quality. You can attach gadgets like your laptop, PSP, camera (with HDMI connector) and other gadgets that are HDMI cable connect capable.  It means you can watch the latest Blu-Ray edition of your favorite movie, play from a larger screen with video games, use the LED TV as your computer monitor, and view images from your digital camera as well.
  5. Detachable base stand allows you to wall mount the widescreen TV, thus, enhancing your viewing experience as if watching movies in cinemas.

This product from Sanyo is a class in itself.  Other brands may provide similar features and viewing moments, however, it has none of the prestige and quality that Sanyo has been famous for as one of the strongest Japanese brands around the world. With the 32” Sanyo Widescreen LED TV, you can make your experience spectacular with vivid color and images when watching movies or TV, playing games, and viewing pictures or videos.

What is There to Like or Not Like about the HP Deskjet 1050?

HP printers are one of the most popular digital printing machines worldwide. Most HP’s printers offering several advantages such as availability of ink cartridges, parts replacement is easy, and service concerns can be addressed anywhere.  This brand is also famous for selling inexpensive printers and offers several models to accommodate different printing requirements or specifications and of course budget.  One of the affordable printers the company has produced is the HP Deskjet 1050.

HP Deskjet 1050

Product Overview

The HP Deskjet 1050 is a scanner, copier, and printer rolled into one for a price of less than $60.00 or $30.00. Given this price, one expects simple and conventional design that is easy to operate with no complicated button and hassle free printing and scanning activity.  It has four buttons on the right side of the body for turning the printer on or off, cancelling printing activity, black and white printing, and for coloured printing.  There is a paper tray at the front and a print job holder at the back.  It has a USB connecter which is the only way to connect it with your computer or laptop although it also works wirelessly.

What is There to Like

There are so many things that you will like with this printer:

  • It is compatible with Windows 7.
  • It can print up to 1000 pages on basic printing requirements; low color, low image, and high text documents.
  • In terms of printing and copying speed, it operates at 16 pages per minute (ppm) for black and white and 12 ppm for colored printing.
  • It can support photopaper.
  • It can accommodate the maximum paper size of A4.

What is There to Like Not About it

Because of its simplicity and compact design, some functions are quite problematic.

  • It is quite tricky when there is a need to replace the cartridge as the cartridge compartment is situated a little bit further and needs trial and error when you insert the new one.
  • Because of its density, paper jams are very frequent occurrences where it leads to printing error blinks which can take longer time to correct. Paper jams can at leat be avoided when you load a few papers on the tray.
  • Each time you replace the cartridge, the software will issue a command prompt to check alignment or test print.  This is time consuming because when you press cancel, the same command prompt will appear every time you print.


As an inexpensive computer accessory, it is already a bargain when you consider that it is a 3-in-1 scanner/copier/printer product.  The printing output is also satisfactory. So all in all, the HP Deskjet 1050 is ideal for personal printing requirements and as a backup printer.